Safari to Arusha National Park in northern Tanzania

20 August 2013 

The first stage of this safari in Tanzania is at Arusha National Park, a small area not far from the homonymous city and from the International Airport of Kilimanjaro. Arusha National Park is home to many giraffes, zebras, buffalo and other animals typical of the savannah, and is one of the few places in Tanzania (if not the only one) where you can see the white monkeys belonging to the genus Colobus.

4x4 safari
For our safari in Tanzania we have a jeep to our exclusive use, with an experienced driver expert in both places and animals.
Zebras Zebra

Zebras photos.

The visit to Arusha National Park starts between small herds of zebras and buffalo grazing peacefully among the lush green grass made possible ​​by a climate more clement when compared to the rest of northern Tanzania.

We meet a small antelope.
Blue monkey
Cercopithecus mitis
Blue monkey pictures. Arusha National Park is populated by blue monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis), a smart primate that live in the thick vegetation of the rainforest. It is not uncommon to find some puppy clinging to the mother's belly.
Arusha National Park is home to many families of baboons.
Warthog photos. Clumsy warthog grazing on the grass in Arusha National Park.
Arusha National Park
The landscape around Arusha National Park is dominated by the majestic Mount Meru, an active volcano that with its height of just over 4500 meters, is the second highest peak in Tanzania. Unfortunately, the mountain is often shrouded in a thick blanket of clouds.
Colobus Colobus mitis
Colobus photos. Arusha National Park is one of the few places in Tanzania (if not the only one) where you can observe the primates of the genus Colobus (Colobus mitis), a beautiful monkey with a very characteristic tail.
Suni Antelope
The Suni antelope is one of the world's smallest antelopes.
National Park of Arusha Safari to Arusha
Giraffes Safari to Tanzania
Pictures of Arusha National Park. The area is populated by many zebras and giraffes that live all together peacefully.
Twisted neck giraffes

Pictures of giraffes.

Some young males entwine their necks, along a fine line between play and aggression.

Portrait of giraffe
Pink flamingos Flamingos
The safari to Arusha National Park continues with a visit to the system of lakes Momela, where there is a colony of pink flamingos.
Momela lakes
The relaxing landscape of lake Momela in Arusha National Park.
Arusha Karama lodge
During our safari to Arusha National Park, we spend the nights in two different structures. These photos are from Karama Lodge, not far from the city of Arusha.
River Trees lodge
These photos are instead from the River Trees Lodge, a beautiful structure a few kilometers from Arusha National Park and near the International Airport of Kilimanjaro.

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