Safari in Serengeti around Seronera looking for lions, leopards, hippos and other African wildlife

24 and 25 August, 2013 

Safari to Serengeti in and around Seronera (the base for our day trips). A typical safari tour begins at dawn, when the animals are generally more active and when they can be spotted more easily. The tour of the central Serengeti continues throughout the day until sunset, returning to Seronera lodge for only a short lunch break. Photos of Serengeti.

Hippo photo. Hippos are animals active during the night, when they move between pastures searching for grass. At dawn, they fall quickly into waterways and pools where they spend most of the day sleeping partially submerged. This behavior is due to their delicate skin that is likely to dry out and then crack if exposed to direct sunlight.
Hippo outside the water Hippo with birds on top
Hippo Hippo in the water
Hippos photos. Hippos quickly refuge in the water at dawn.
Herd of hippos School of hippos
Hippos Hippos in Tanzania
Hippos pictures. A herd of hippos crowd a small stream used as a refuge from direct sunlight during the day. The space available is not so much and then fights are quite frequent and furious.
Sleeping hippos Hippos in Serengeti
Pictures of hippos. With the arrival of the first rays of the sun, the hippos are fall asleep peacefully.
Serengeti Tanzania Serengeti
Leopard pictures. Early in the morning, when the temperature is still cool, leopards graze on the savannah looking for preys.
Leopard in the savannah Leopard in the Serengeti
Leopard Leopard safari
Leopard photos. With the gradual rise of the sun, leopards tend to seek shade and this one, curiously, take advantage of the shadow cast by the jeeps of the tourists. I wonder what she'll think when the jeep suddenly restarts and the sun returns...
Leopards Leopard in the shadow
Photos of leopards. During the safari in Serengeti, we continue to sight several leopards.
cheetah eating a prey cheetah
Savannah in the Serengeti

Our safari to Serengeti in northern Tanzania continues around Seronera, where we spot some cheetah.

The cheetah is an animal especially known for its top speed of around 110/120 kilometers per hour, apparently the fastest land animal in the world. Its conservation status is classified in accordance with the lists of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), as "Vulnerable" and at risk of extinction.

Family of lions Sleeping lions
Lion cubs Young male lion
Lioness in the savannah
In the meanwhile, a lone lioness moves between the high grass of the savannah, perhaps looking for a little shadow.
Flat african savannah Seronera
Serengeti panorama Acacia
Tanzania Seronera (Serengeti)
Serengeti photos. In the local language, Serengeti means "plain" and the reason for the name given to this vast region is evident driving for hours among the this vast savannah broken only occasionally by the presence of some small granite reliefs, called kopje or monadnock, where sometimes lions and other big felines find a shelter from the sun.
Serengeti picture. A male lion took advantage of a dry branch of acacia to take a little shadow.
Lazy male lion Lion
Male lion Walking lion
Pictures of male lion. Under the midday sun the lion becomes rather lazy. He stretches before rolling on the ground, then gets up and slowly goes in search of another place to rest.
Serengeti pictures. The Serengeti National park is home to many elephants.
Baby elephant
Elephant eating

Pictures of elephants. A baby elephant (pictured left) follows the mother who feeds on the leaves among the thorny branches of the acacia trees.
Elephant mother with baby Elephants in Serengeti
Elephants in Tanzania Elephants
Herd of elephants Female elephant with cub
Photos of elephants in Serengeti National Park, northern Tanzania. Huge families of elephants graze on the savannah in search of food ...
Elephant calf Family of elephants
...and after a good meal, the herd of elephants moves to a small stream.
Elephant drinking
Elephant drinking at the waterhole.
Impala with baby Baby impala drinking milk

Pictures of impala. A young impala calf drinking milk from mother.
Serengeti (Tanzania) Central Serengeti
Dry savannah Pictures of Serengeti around Seronera area. The savannah that characterizes the Serengeti plains and the area around Seronera in northern Tanzania, is characterized by the presence of meadows that are home during austral winter, to grasses almost completely dry. The lawns are interrupted only by a few acacia, some sausage tree and the kopje, granite boulders scattered randomly as if a giant had thrown in the air stones and these were rushed wildly to the ground.

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