Safari to Masai Mara using Lobo (in Tanzania) as base for day trips

25 e 26 August 2013 

Lobo, located into north-eastern Serengeti, is still reached only by a minimum number of tourists, although the region is spectacular for both landscape and wildlife. Here you can meet most of the animals typical of the African continent, including large herds of herbivores (wildebeest, zebras, antelopes, gazelles) but also cats, especially lions, whose population is slowly increasing.

Once near Lobo, in the north-eastern Serengeti and not far from the border-line between Tanzania and Kenya, some areas become much greener than the savannah that we left in Seronera just a few hours before.

A small herd of zebras grazing on the green meadows.
Pictures of zebras.
Gazelle Gazelles
Photos of gazelle. Even the gazelles advantage of these green pastures to eat fresh grass.
Topi antelope
Soon the green meadows are again replaced by expanses of drier grass, where, however, there are still herds of herbivores such as Topi antelope.
Lobo (Serengeti)
Like many other regions of Tanzania, also the north-eastern areas of Serengeti are home to a good number of giraffes.
Photo of waterbuck.
Elephant family Female elephant with calf
Obviously there are families of elephants...
Common eland well as the large eland, also called eland antelope, which can reach a considerable weight of one tonne.
Buffalo pictures. A few lone buffalo watching us while transiting in front of the jeep. The buffalo is a very aggressive animal, among the most dangerous of the savannah also to man.
Herd of zebras
Photo of zebras. A herd of zebras running quite nervously...
Baby lions Baby lion
Lion cub

...and the reason for this nervousness is soon clear: not too far there is a family of lions, complete with a lioness and her cubs. But that's not all...
Lions eating Lions eating a prey
Lion eating

...the lions are committed to eat up a wildebeest killed only hours before.
Lion eating prey
Picture of a lion eating a prey.
Lion eating meat Lions eating a wildebeest
Wildebeest eat by lions Lions at hunt
Photos of lions eating a wildebeest. Watching the lions eat in the bush is a unique experience that may be worth the entire safari trip. The lions gnawed carefully the whole carcass, up to some of the bones...
Lobo - Tanzania
...but all in all, despite the scene a bit violent still dictated by the principles of survival, the bush has in each case an heavenly and relaxing look.
Scavengers Vultures

Photos of vultures. A group of vultures finishes the job started a few hours earlier by other predators, totally cleaning up a carcass. The vultures are the scavengers of the savanna and, despite their appearance is not too beautiful, they play an indispensable role for the balance of the ecosystem.
Pictures of scavengers. A vulture eats what remains of the soft parts of the skull of a wildebeest.
Water turtle
With a bit of luck and a good eye, we spot a water turtle.
Lioness Pregnant lioness
Photos of pregnant lioness. We spot also a pregnant lioness, the big belly full of puppies.
In the meanwhile, a small Klipspringer antelope checks the situation from the top of a granite boulder.
Flowers on the savannah Savannah
The relaxing landscape of the savannah, where there are also beautiful flowers.
African savannah
The wide open spaces of the African savannah.
Lobo Wildlife Lodge Where to stay in Serengeti
Monkey drinking from a pool
Pictures of Lobo Wildlife Lodge. In Lobo, in the north-eastern Serengeti, we stay at the Lobo Wildlife Lodge, a comfortable accommodation featuring a swimming pool where the monkeys take the opportunity to drink. From the viewpoint around the lodge, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the savannah.
African dawn
A herd of wildebeest grazing in a particularly clear dawn.

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