Safari to Tarangire national park, mainly known for its baobab and elephants

29 e 30 August 2013 

The Tarangire National Park is best known for the presence of large families of elephants, but there are many other African animals as well, such as wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, impalas and lions. Tarangire is also interesting for its vegetation, starring huge baobab trees and their interaction with the elephants, as they form a small water reserve. There are also many birds, including colorful parrots and kingfishers.

During our safari in Tarangire we immediately spot a group of warthogs grazing under a huge baobab.
Baobab trees Baobab tree broken by elephants
Baobab tree

Baobab photos. In addition to the typical species of the savannah, the vegetation of Tarangire National Park is in fact also made up of ultra-large baobab trees. In the photo at the top right, the trunk of the baobab has been pierced by elephants in search of water.
Zebra calf

Photos of Tarangire National Park. Zebras grazing under large baobab trees, while a calf falls asleep peacefully on the edge of the track.
Zebras at the waterhole At the waterhole
Zebras and wildebeests drinking at a waterhole in Tarangire National Park.
Saddle-billed Stork
The waterhole is also home to a beautiful saddle-billed stork.
Impala Male impala
Female impalas

Impala photos. Some male impala (pictured above) and a small group of females (pictured below).
Tarangire National Park is also home to many dik-dik, the smallest antelope in the world.
Male waterbuck Female waterbuck
Waterbuck photos. On the left picture, a male waterbuck. On the right, a female.
A large termite mound.
Honeycomb Bees
An honeycomb hosting hundreds of bees find its place among the crevices in a trunk of a baobab tree.
Tarangire National Park, in northern Tanzania, is a paradise for ornithologists because, analogously to other countries in Africa, is home to a wide variety of birds. In this photo, the colorful lovebirds.
Herds of wildebeests
Young wildebeest drinking milk

Pictures of Tarangire National Park. A herd of wildebeest moving in a single line in search of water (pictured above), while a female is nursing her calf (pictured below).
Helmeted Guineafowl
The Helmeted Guinea fowl, commonly known as Guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) is widespread in Tanzania and the Tarangire park is no exception.
Elephants Elephants in Tarangire
Tarangire in Tanzania

Photos of elephants.

The Tarangire is best known for the presence of large families of elephants, which can sometimes exceed 100 individuals. In the photo below, a female elephant with her ​​cub.

Baby elephant drinking milk
Pictures of elephants. An elephant calf drinks milk (pictured above) then starts to play with the probe, as if trying to figure out how to use it.
Elephant probe
Migrating zebras
Zebras photos. A herd of zebras moving between pastures in search of a bit of water.
Lion in ambush
Under the dim light of dawn, a tail, two ears and two eyes stealthily emerge from the tall grass...
Young lion
Lions playing
Pictures of lions playing. In fact, nearby, it does not take too long before spotting a family of lions with many young, playing peacefully.
Photo of kingfisher resting on a tree.
Below the baobab Tarangire Safari Lodge
Photo of Tarangire Safari Lodge. While in Tarangire we stay at the Tarangire Safari Lodge, a permanent tented camp with a spectacular view of the savannah from the veranda of each tent.
Tarangire National Park
Herds of buffalos
From the terrace of Tarangire Safari Lodge you can enjoy the view of the savannah below, which shows the movement of herds of buffalo, wildebeest and elephants in search of water. Often the animals come directly near the lodge and the tents.
The landscape of Tarangire in Tanzania.
Beads processing factory Tanzania local crafts
Articles of beads

A short distance from the entrance to Tarangire National Park there is a shop in support of local community, where handicrafts are built using thousands and thousands of beads.

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